VM2 cosmetics is a family business

Our cosmetic story has started in 2007., with company VM2,

We were part of VM2 company established 1992., together we grew.

For so many years we were building our cosmetics success step by step. With cosnova strong brands essence and CATRICE.

Then in 2017., we started joint venture with Cosnova GMBH and became VM2 Cosmetics.

Cosnova GmbH is a German company headquartered in Sulzbach, Taunus,

which sells the cosmetics brands essence, CATRICE and L.O.V worldwide.

We are the most proud of this partnership.

Our story about success

We are on the move

We are creating the trends of tomorrow!

Our story

Our successful brands essence and CATRICE offer high-quality decorative cosmetics to customers around the world at a superb price-performance ratio. 90% of all cosnova products are manufactured in Europe and we clearly say no to testing on animals.

Excellent price-performance ratio

We think globally and act locally


We believe in the power of globalization. Which is why we continuously work on developing our international network.

We observe the different markets closely to gain a better understanding of them so that we can be successful locally.

Our distribution partners around the world help us with this.
Company VM2 COSMETICS d.o.o. has a central warehouse in Zagreb, Croatia from which our products are delivered to all countries in the region.

After Croatia, the most important markets are Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria, Northern Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro and Albania.